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About Dawn Marie

“My full time job is your well being.”

I have been in the wellness industry since the late 1990's.

I've worked with:

  • CEOs of large well known corporations, entrepreneurs, local small business owners, and those still figuring out where to start.

  • Pro-athletes in locker rooms, doctor’s offices, in their homes, and sometimes their hotels while they are on the road.

  • Rock stars, musicians, artists, motivational speakers, comedians, and other celebrities on tour busses, in their homes, backstage, and in resorts and hotels.

  • Women facing big changes in their lives, stay at home Moms, working women, single Moms, all with unique physical and emotional needs. Dads are now falling into this category a lot more!

  • Pregnant women and their families including high risk and multiples. I’ve seen them in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and in their homes.

  • People with special needs, from children to adults.

  • Those who are being treated for cancer, autoimmune diseases, or some other cluster of symptoms they may not have a diagnosis for.

I've been with people who are sick and dying, and and I’ve been present to welcome new lives. I have worked in high-end spas, multiple chiropractor and doctor offices, Yoga studios, and even out of my own home. There are  far too many places and people to list here. 

I owned and operated a Yoga Studio/Music Venue/Art Gallery for 5 years in Anacortes, Washington from 2013 to 2018.

Wherever you are in your life and whatever it is you are going through, my mission is to support you through it using the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my life.

My intention is to help you find the solutions to your life challenges, to assist you in creating a plan of action, and to teach you real life strategies that you can apply right away! My wish is that you feel stronger, more empowered, more capable and confident so you can live a life you are excited to wake up to every day!

All you have to do is schedule a quick chat with me to see if this a right fit for us, so we can get started designing a life you love!

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