lotions & potions

Allow me to take you through an intuitive process to help you create your very own signature therapeutic fragrances. 

Prices generally range from $16.00 to $50.00.

You can also choose from one of my formulas to enhance or create a mood.



wildcrafted herbs & smudge sticks 

Purify and cleanse your environment with fragrant wildcrafted herbs and smudge sticks. Over a dozen varieties of local flowers, herbs, and evergreens are used to create beautiful products with various therapeutic and energetic properties. 

Appropriate for clearing negative energy, recharging a stagnant area, ceremonies, and blessing new spaces.

Prices range from $5.00 to $20.00.

$150.00 for on-site visits to evaluate, energetically cleanse, and recharge your space. Allow at least 90 minutes for a full session.


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therapeutic aromatherapy consultations

Schedule a private session for a practical approach to Aromatherapy. Learn to infuse this magic into your life everyday. 

$150.00 per person includes a workbook, your supplies, and custom made products to take home.

Relax and allow at least 90 minutes, and a little longer for small groups.