Some students refer to this very special class as their "church".

The focus is on finding an easy gentle way to coax the body into opening, balancing and strengthening. No matter your size, age, or physical limitations, this class can be adjusted to meet you where you are.

The Yoga studio is dimly lit and illuminated with candles. Relaxing music plays softly in the background.  Class begins in a restorative position on your back.You will be led through a breath awareness exercise and practice using the breath to find your calm, quiet center. You will then be led through a process of identifying something you would like to see different or better in your life. A personal mantra is silently created and you will explore how to use your mantra, breath, and gentle movement to consciously create positive change in your life.  

You will remain on your back while I guide you through a few poses to lengthen sore, tight muscles, release constrictions, and reduce pain. You will eventually be guided to a seated position where we will continue with a seated slow flow sequence, and then just a couple more poses from a position on our hands and knees.

 During the last 30 minutes, you will be in a comfortable supported position on your back where we will then travel through a Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation. It is here where we will go to a place between being awake and being asleep, the “twilight zone” where we will work with the subconscious mind and your personal mantra to make positive changes on a deeper level.  

Blankets and pillows are available, however, feel free to bring your own to ensure your comfort. Eye masks or eye pillows are a nice addition too. Dress in layers as your body temperature may fluctuate.