Join the evolution. Be part of the progressive movement where your current thoughts, your current reality, “Maya” collide with the creative transformative energy known as “Shakti.”

Dawn Marie invites you to come as you are: ALL bodies, ALL sizes, ALL shapes, regardless of perceived limitations. You are invited to start NOW to expand, move, grow, challenge yourself, and break through the barriers of limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Yoga, Massage, Life Coaching,

& more

with Dawn Marie...


Yoga is not only great strength and flexibility training; it's a path to a different mindset. When we practice together, our intention is to breathe, explore movement, and still the fluctuations of the mind so that we can do the deeper work of meditation. 

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Drawing on decades of experience, Dawn Marie offers a variety of healing modalities customized just for you. Enjoy the energetic change in the body as you relax and allow yourself to be cared for. 

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Do you need clarity or direction? A safe space and a listening ear? Perhaps your mindfulness practice has brought something to the surface that needs attention, or maybe you just need a mental tune-up or a check-in. Let’s sort it out together. 

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There is power in natural fragrances, especially when we combine them with the practice of mindfulness and self care. Our custom aromatherapy blends can be special ordered or combined with any of our other services. 

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Dawn is an amazing teacher…I can’t advocate enough how learning how to meditate and Yoga are transforming my life with such a beautiful spiritual experience. Please try it with an open heart and open mind.
— Teresa M.