When can I start?

  • You can start anytime. I teach to various skill levels and body types. I love teaching Yoga to beginners!

What if I have a pre-existing injury?

  • If you have a pre-existing condition/injury, PLEASE let me know. I can offer adjustments and modifications so you can participate safely. You know your body and its abilities and limitations better than anyone, so first trust yourself. I will always encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you and offer suggestions if I see you struggling. Private sessions are also available.

Will Yoga help me to manage stress and tension?

  • Yes. I am a Yoga Life Coach with special training in mindfulness and meditation. My intention is to introduce you to easy techniques you can use right away to increase your sense of peace and well-being.

What if I am not fit or flexible?

  • It does not matter! I teach Yoga to ALL BODIES. You do not have to be fit or flexible. You only need to show up with an open mind. Leave the rest to me. I will show you how to adapt the postures to your body. I have even had students attend just for the breathing and relaxation.

How often should I practice Yoga?

  • Once you learn some basic techniques, I encourage you to incorporate Yoga into your life every day, even if it means just taking a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe. Coming together as a community is an important part of living a Yogic lifestyle. I suggest attending class at least a couple times a week if possible, and once a week minimum.

Can I do Yoga during pregnancy?

  • Yes! Please let me know if you are pregnant. If it's still a secret, it's safe with me! I offer suggestions and modifications for your changing body.

What are your hours?

  • I am available by appointment. Connecting with you is important to me, so don't ever hesitate to reach out!




Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. This gives you time to get checked in and set up your space. If you happen to arrive late (and the door is not yet locked) please enter quietly and find a seat. 


Sign in at the front desk. If it is your first visit, you will be asked to fill out an intake form.


Yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot. Remove your shoes outside the Yoga Studio door. There may be times when you have to wear socks or shoes due to special circumstances. Just let me know before class begins. 


Turn off your cell phone. Make a habit of doing this as soon as you enter the studio. If your job requires you to be on call or some other concession needs to be made, please advise me before class. Exceptions can be made if there are special circumstances and the phone is on silent.


Wear something you feel comfortable and safe in that will allow you to move your body freely. Sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, tee shirts, and gym shorts are some options. I prefer something fitted and then I layer looser clothing over the top. That way I don't worry about accidentally being exposed or having my shirt drop over my face when I bend forward. 


Bring water! You are encouraged to stay hydrated. Keep the bottles capped to prevent accidental spills. Juice, Kombucha and other drinks are fine by me as long as you keep a lid on them.


Sometimes we have to eat! If you are pregnant or have a medical condition that requires you to have food on hand, just let me know. 


Leave the room if you need to. Sometimes nature calls or some other needs have to be attended to during class. You don't have to ask for my permission to leave the room. The best time to step out is between poses or during a transition. Return to your space quietly and resume your practice.


Let me know if you don't feel well or need special attention! If you have a medical condition and need my attention, you can signal to me and I will attend to you. DO NOT leave the room without signalling me if you need special  attention. 


Honor our space. Help keep the studio clean and organized. Replace the props to their proper places. Use the provided mat cleaner and paper towels to clean your mat before putting it away. Wet washcloths, if used, are placed in the hamper and a small trash container is available for you. 


Honor your fellow students. Respect and support each other. Assist new students. Help them feel welcome. Create space if the room gets full by bringing your mats closer together. Stagger your bodies if necessary to avoid bumping into each other. Say hello to each other. Introduce yourself. Form friendships. This is our Yoga community. Let's nurture it and grow it. 


Listen to and follow the instructions. If you find that a particular class or style isn't for you, finish the class, and know this is just  part of your Yoga exploration and attend a different class. 


If you must leave early, let me know before class so I can arrange a comfortable transition for you.