Mind Body Bath Aromatherapy Workshop…

A Practical Approach to Aromatherapy

Saturday, September 14th, Noon to 2:00

Spectral Art Studios, 2555 N Coyote #114, Tucson, AZ



The Workshop

Join Dawn Marie as she shares tips and techniques into blending your own magic in a hands on experience in the art and science of Aromatherapy.

Workshop is designed to give insight and clarity into this powerful tool in a fun and relaxing environment.

You will have a chance to make some of your own products and leave with plenty of written copy and sample recipes.

Pre-enrollment is required

***Due to the cost of supplies and limited space, there are no cancellations or refunds. You may sell or transfer your seat to someone else. If there is a waiting list, your seat can be offered to the next person and you will receive a refund if your seat gets filled.***


RELAXING aromatherapy sessions

Your session includes:

  • aromatherapy evaluation

  • application of therapeutic oils

  • a relaxing fusion of various therapeutic techniques chosen just for you to relax and calm the nervous system.

 $100.00/60 minutes

$150.00/90 minutes 


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therapeutic aromatherapy consultations

Schedule a private session for a practical approach to Aromatherapy.

Learn to infuse the science of Aromatherapy into your life everyday. 

$150.00 per person