Self Love

Self Love through Yoga

Scroll down for a real life testimony from Lacee Danielle Root, a real person who has attended Yoga Foundations and is also one of my original participants in the "Off the Mat" Yoga Life Coaching group.

Her results can tell you more than I can and her story is just one of many I'm so excited to share with you.

"It's hard to look back and think about that decision. What made me go? And I couldn’t tell you completely what compelled me to go.

Everything was stacked up against the decision, really. Low on funds, I am not fond of group classes and I definitely didn't think I ‘needed help’ but I still did it!

Something I learned from the class is that I am REALLY good at talking myself out of things… I am forever thankful of that sporadic decision of mine, and that I didn't talk myself out of attending this perspective altering course.

I learned so much in this class, and am more in love with Yoga (and myself) then I ever was before.

First- the foundations taught me about the purity and beauty of yoga- REAL yoga! Pushing myself to breathe while working myself into the positions my body would allow me to! NOT pushing my (incredibly competitive) self too far, and enjoying the practice WHOLLY.  A practice I am carrying throughout my life now.

Second- The yamas and niyamas after hours small group study. Putting myself in a room with a very small group of women (gasp!) and talking about my feelings..UGH never would I thought I could do that. nope. WAY too woo woo for me…. and yet every single night as I drove home I relished in it. I loved it, and I was so confused by how much I loved it that I kept going!  Dawn was a gracious guide in teaching us what we each needed to learn, whether we knew it or not, and gave us the tools along the way to continue in helping each other. I look at everything differently now. I really do."