Self Awareness

Self Awareness through Yoga

Thinking about the Yoga Foundations class, I think my biggest take away was self-awareness. Being able to sit with my emotions and let them go through breathing has been a Game Changer.

I had some negative self-talk going on but learning to not let anxiety get to me and how to take a moment to breathe and relax, I’ve been able to stop those anxious thoughts and be generally more happy each day.

I fell in love with yoga and now attend classes 4 days a week!

In the foundations class we learned about the Yamas and Niyamas and I later found out there was a group of women who met for life coaching after class on Wednesday.

I’m not really a “joiner” but I love the study of ethics, so I joined up and read the book. It’s so fun to spend an hour with women who lift each other up and treat each other so well, while also learning about yoga ethics and different viewpoints. I’m thankful I joined that group and look forward to it each week