Yoga Gypsy


Meet my Yoga Gypsy friend, Dawn Jex. Besides sharing a name, we share a passion for Yoga, wellness, and life! 

She wrote a really sweet testimonial about Maya Shakti Studios on her blog. Scroll down to read it and click the Yoga Gypsy link to find out more about her.

If you are lucky enough to run into her somewhere, I highly recommend you take a class with her, get a massage, or some wellness coaching.  She's awesome!



When you walk through the door into Maya Shakti Yoga Studio in Anacortes the first thing you notice is the lovely fragrance in the room. Of course that’s because the owner Dawn Marie has been drying roses and lavender and rosemary to make her own signature Fidalgo Island Blend of potpourri and beautifully wrapped smudge sticks.

I recently visited Maya Shakti to attend a Restorative/Yoga Nidra class – and boy was I in need! I had just moved to the area the week before. I had trouble getting a spot to park my RV aka The Gypsy Love Bus, there was “no room at the inn” for our F27 Trimaran in any of the local marinas and I had been working really hard to find a job. I was feeling stressed and worried and extremely tired.

Every time I see Dawn it makes me smile. She has curly dark hair and a smile that reaches all the way to her eyes! I really like her and it’s not because we share the same name – although I think that’s really cool!

The first part of class was a very meditative yin/stretch. Dawn emphasized staying in tune with our breath – even through the transitions between poses which I had never really focussed on. I loved how slow it was. It felt thorough and deep and I kept my eyes closed almost the entire practice! Then we moved into a 20 minute Nidra which was heavenly! I was so relaxed and blissed out that when class was over I felt as though I had been sitting in a hot sauna, followed by a massage and a glass of wine! Totally at ease, zen and calm and it lasted most of the day!

It was really great. Just what I needed today. Dawn teaches all of the classes at Maya Shakti and she is also a Massage Therapist and Life Coach. Maya Shakti has has live music nights, a great shop up front to find Malas, T shirts, Cool patterned fabric and a free/share book bin! I love that! So if you’re ever in Anacortes come by Maya Shakti ad check it out – especially the Sunday morning Restorative/Nidra class – and tell Dawn that I sent ya! Namaste.