"How to Be Your Biggest Fan: The Value and Power of High Self-Esteem by Renee Cermak

I am so excited to share this book with you and highly recommend you add this title to your library of inspirational reading! 

I first met Renee Cermak in the spring of 2007 in Scottsdale, Arizona when I began my personal growth journey. I was very fortunate to have a few opportunities to be coached in small groups by her and her husband on separate occasions in Arizona and Las Vegas. I've also been in attendance and staffed several personal development seminars she has facilitated. I can personally attest to her character, her heart, and her leadership. 

Finding out about this book was like a ray of sunshine beaming through the gray skies. Moving from Arizona to Washington was a big shift for me on more levels than I imagined. I miss the friends and mentors I left behind. It has just been recently that I've relied more on the internet to be connected with like minded individuals and I'm so grateful to stay in the loop with the people who had such a great impact on my life.

I'm looking forward to getting my own copy of this book and using it to continue my own personal development so I can bring my best self forward...or as Renee says, to bring my best self to the party!



What  if  you  really, really, really liked yourself? What if YOU were your own biggest fan? What  if you knew it really isn’t that difficult and is 100% in your control? Being your biggest fan depends on how you take action to increase your self-esteem in every area of life.  

Author, seminar facilitator and self-esteem expert Renee Cermak brings her dynamic, upfront and brutally honest coaching to life in her book "How to Be Your Biggest Fan: The Value and Power of High Self-Esteemguiding readers to bring their biggest and best versions of themselves to the party, every day!

 From  start  to  finish  you  will  learn,  grow  and  feel  empowered  through  Cermak's  experiential  teaching  and  expertise  in  the  field  of  self-esteem.  Dive  into  a  play  by  play  of  why  your  self-esteem  matters  and  how  every  area  of  your  life  will  benefit  as  a  result  of  you  taking  control  of  your  esteem.  

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About  the  Author:

Renee Cermak, self-esteem expert and author, is on a mission to help others lead an extraordinary life by making their self-esteem  –  how much they like themselves – their #1 priority. She accomplishes this through her dynamic, no-bullshit coaching methods, serving as a catalyst for lifelong change in people’s lives. She coaches people to live a better life, their best life!    

For the last nineteen years, she has been focused on personal growth. She is committed to leading by example through coaching, speaking, facilitating, writing, and, most  importantly, actually doing the hard work to improve her own self-esteem and results. Renee believes self-esteem is not derived from the big moments in life, but rather from everyday moments, the daily grind  –  the things we do or don’t do, the things we say or don’t say. Though they are subtle and easy to discount, these moments add up to produce significant results, both good and bad.  

She serves as a consultant and facilitator for a leading authority and pioneer in human potential training. On a daily basis, she works with leaders who are committed to extraordinary lives and are willing to do the work to get there. Let Renee’s book, How to Be Your Biggest Fan, be the catalyst for a lifelong change in your life.    

Renee and her husband, Fred, are entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and philanthropists. They live in Scottsdale, AZ, with their daughter. 

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"Engaging and inspiring! The plain talk and everyday examples are relatable and hit home. Excited to read the rest of the book! Bravo Renee Cermak!" 

 ~Theresa  Enyedi  


"To everyone whose (who's??) wandered, gotten lost, and awoken, Renee Cermak has not only 'been  there and done that,' but went a step further by living 'the truth' to spark inner transformation. She  provides a warm and authentic road map for all spiritual seekers to know and love themselves, with tips and tools that make the process fun and the rewards rich." 

 ~Mike  Dooley,  NY  Times  bestselling  author  of  Infinite  Possibilities


"I have been in the SELF development business for over 50 Years. I have never met anyone more effective than Renee Cermak when it comes to helping people improve their results. Your self esteem controls your life. Do exactly what this woman tells you and every aspect of your life will improve. This book can/will turn into your most valuable possession."   

~Bob Proctor  


"Wow! In reading this today reminded me of many things in my life that I already have learned yet have not continued nurturing in my life. Thank you for my wake up call, Renee. Many times this week I've been nudged to higher thinking and this is icing on the cake (my  self-esteem)."

 ~Theresa  Borek  


"How to Be Your Biggest Fan is an inspirational read! It gave me great information I could apply to life along with real life stories on what can happen if you apply them. I will definitely recommend it to my team!"   

~Jenny  McCall  


"It taught me a concept that you get your self-esteem from taking action, and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It also provided awareness for where my  self-esteem was which caused me to want to do things differently and change my life.  Also, it teaches that the small steps you take every day will build your self-esteem because you'll create results you want cumulatively over time. For anyone who is stuck in the thought process of I don't know what to do to get my life moving or create my  success, this will get you past that hump into creating the life of your dreams. I would recommend it to anyone."

 ~Jennifer  Kahtz Founder  of  Emotive  Pull  Communications